Organic Facebook Marketing: Why It Still Matters

29 Jun 2018

Organic Facebook Marketing: Why It Still Matters

Facebook started as a prominent medium for users to connect with their near and dear ones. It has grown to become one of the biggest platforms for marketing. Today, marketing on Facebook is leveraged by many businesses to keep their products in front of billions of potential customers. Some brands are setting aside thousands of dollars for paid Facebook marketing because they believe Facebook’s organic reach is nearing its benefit limit.

But is that really the case? Or is everyone so focused on paid marketing that they no longer even consider Facebook organic marketing to promote their products? There are some key reasons why brands should indeed concentrate on organic Facebook Marketing. Here are some of them:

Marketing at Zero Cost

Organic marketing on Facebook is free. From creating a business profile to posting content on it, everything is absolutely free. You may, however, have to pay for the content production. Also, if you want one of the third-party social media monitoring tools to keep an eye on your page/profile performance, you will have to pay for that as well.

Boost in Facebook Engagement

A Facebook post with great content but with paid reach may not fetch you high engagement compared to a post with organic reach. No matter how precise your targeting, a certain percentage of people won’t engage with your post. However, the people who follow your page will be a primary and constant audience for you. When your followers see your post, they may either like it, comment on it or share it, thereby increasing its reach.

Freedom to Re-Post Anything and Everything

With paid marketing on Facebook, there are rules related to old posts that do not apply to Facebook organic marketing. Businesses can take any vintage (yet relevant) post and upload it again. The same post will reach old and new followers.

Reach Audience at the Right Time

While your boosted post can reach the feed of your target audience at any time, organic marketing on Facebook lets you post your content at a time when your audience is quite active. You can find data about audience activity on your business page and then post your content accordingly.

Stay Consistent

If you are a social media manager or a social media expert, you know that consistency is the key when it comes to social media marketing. That’s one of the reasons why you make a content calendar. Even when you have the exact same target for boosting, your post doesn’t reach the exact same audience. But with Facebook organic reach, if your first post has reached someone organically, chances are good that your other posts will reach the same person again. And if that person engaged with your first posts, there is a greater likelihood of him or her engaging with your content again.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Marketing is now a tricky business. While there is a “Pay to Play” option, it is also possible to strategically make the most of Facebook’s organic reach and boost your business profile, audience reach, and potential customer base without spending a dime.