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Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Jay Mehta

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Liking brand posts, watching videos, sharing updates and clicking links when following a profile or page on Facebook all count as Facebook “engagement.” This engagement is an imperative part of every Facebook marketing strategy as it drives traffic, boosts sales, increases brand visibility and boosts brand popularity.

Here are some simple ways to achieve greater engagement on Facebook:

Choose the Right Time to Post

Leverage the insights offered by Facebook to find out the time when a majority of your audience is online, and post at that time. If you have an international audience, use the schedule feature of Facebook to post your content according to time zone. You can even use a social media marketing tool to schedule your post.

Add Value to Your Followers’ Lives

To increase Facebook engagement, always share valuable content on your page. Ensure that whatever you share helps your target audience, such as by solving their problems or offering information or a solution they may need.

Use Attractive Visuals

There is already clutter on the Facebook feed of your target audience. Your content will get lost in all of that unless it is appealing and eye-catching. Use a creative and attractive image along with your content to boost engagement.

Dedicated Facebook Engagement Posts

Engagement posts can contain a question, quiz, giveaway or a contest. These elements encourage the target audience to interact with your post and engage with your brand. You can also ask users to tag their friends and acquaintances for greater reach.

Experiment with Post Length

The length of the post influences the engagement rate. While Facebook offers a limit of 60,000 characters for status updates, obviously you won’t post anything that long. Keep experimenting with the post length. Pay attention to what works best for the audience.

Post Videos

Videos are an integral part of Facebook marketing, so producing and posting them from time to time will keep the audience engaged and entertained. Test different themes, such as inspirational, humorous, emotional, etc., and see what works best. Vary the duration of videos as well.

Be Part of Open and Closed Groups

Social Media Management is not only about managing your profile and brand page. It is also about taking care of various open/closed groups and communities. Be part of relevant groups and keep posting your brand-related content in them. You can even come up with your own groups and communities for ‘shout-outs’ of your brands, products or services.

To Sum Up

Engagement on Facebook is indispensable for a brand to stay in the mind of its target audience. With the strategies mentioned here, you will be on your way to significantly increasing Facebook engagement without having to spend a fortune.

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