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Social Media Management Tool for Agencies

Social Media Marketing Tool for Agencies

Simplify social media management and amplify your clients’ online presence. Achieve remarkable outcomes for your clients, streamline the approval workflow, and effortlessly demonstrate your impact using Viralpep’s comprehensive social media management solution for agencies. 

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Boost Your Agency's Productivity with Viralpep

Viralpep stands at the forefront of the revolution for social media marketing agencies, offering an exceptional ROI and accelerating digital transformation with our all-encompassing social media scheduler for agencies.

+ ROI within the first year

faster transition to digital-first strategies

increase in the speed of campaign execution

Elevate Your Agency with Viralpep

Transform Your Agency's Social Media Management

Complete Oversight for Management and Teams: Gain a comprehensive overview of your social media landscape. With Viralpep, it’s crystal clear how every post, campaign, and strategy contributes to your agency’s overall impact.

Manage your entire client portfolio from one dashboard

Streamline your social media management and save valuable time with Viralpep. Handle posting, analysis, collaboration, and approval processes seamlessly from a single tab. Ensure client data security with customizable permissions that control precisely what clients & team members can access.

How to Get Started


Login to Viralpep

Create your Agency account for Viralpep. You can login using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.


Add Social Media Accounts

Add your client’s social media accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for posting.


Create & Schedule Your Social Media Plan

Create the social media posting for your client. Broadcast your post globally with Viralpep.

How Social Media Management Agencies Can Use Viralpep?

agency social media scheduling tool

Schedule Smartly

Elevate your client’s social media impact with Viralpep’s strategic scheduling.

agency social media team collaboration tool

Team Synergy

Harness the power of social media team collaboration tool with Viralpep to elevate your agency’s social media impact.

agency social media analytics tool

Insight Edge

Harness the power of Viralpep’s analytics for in-depth, actionable insights in marketing strategies.

Applauded by specialists as a benchmark for excellence

Viralpep's Creative Revolution

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Frequently asked questions


Viralpep boosts a marketing agency's social media strategy by simplifying content scheduling across platforms, enhancing team collaboration, and providing in-depth analytics for strategic decision-making. This comprehensive social media management solution for agencies ensures that your clients' online presence is amplified, achieving remarkable outcomes.

Absolutely, Viralpep excels as a social media management platform for agencies, designed to handle multiple clients' accounts efficiently. It's an ideal social media scheduler for agencies, allowing seamless management and coordination of diverse social media campaigns from a single dashboard, offering features like:

  • Easily switch between and manage multiple clients' social media profiles.

  • Clients can easily approve posts, thereby streamlining the entire process.

  • Assign team members to specific client accounts with tailored access permissions.

  • You can use tags to group your clients account and when you select a tag, they all automatically get selected when composing.

  • Viralpep provides real-time notifications for important updates related to each client's account, such as engagement alerts, scheduled post reminders, and notifications for any issues with the accounts (like disconnections or required actions). These notifications help agencies stay on top of all activities and respond promptly to any necessary adjustments in the strategy.

  • The platform offers comprehensive analytics for each client's social media performance. This includes data on engagement rates, audience growth, content performance, and more. Agencies can use these insights to make data-driven decisions, tailor content strategies for each client, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns to clients through detailed reports.

  • Viralpep's feature of assigning specific client accounts to designated team members streamlines organization and ensures the right personnel manage the appropriate accounts. It supports role-based access, allowing team members to have permissions aligned with their agency roles, be it content creation, strategy, or analytics.

  • Viralpep enables the creation of a visual workflow for each client's social media strategy, covering stages like content creation, review, approval, scheduling, and analytics. This streamlined workflow ensures team alignment and efficiency in managing each client's social media activities.

  • Streamline content creation, scheduling, and publishing for multiple clients.

  • Track and analyze the performance of each client's social media strategy separately.

manage social media accounts

Viralpep transforms social media management for agencies through its robust team coordination and client management features, efficient workflows, and advanced analytics. As a versatile social media marketing tool for agencies, it facilitates streamlined content creation, review, approval, and scheduling processes, leading to over a 200% productivity increase. Its powerful analytics and reporting tools offer valuable insights into campaign performance, enhancing strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

Additionally, Viralpep's robust analytics and reporting tools provide in-depth insights into campaign performance, aiding in strategic decision-making and further boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Yes, Viralpep features comprehensive capabilities for team collaboration, making it a preferred social media tool for agencies. It supports adding team members, assigning specific roles and permissions, and establishing approval workflows, ensuring high-quality content management and publication across client accounts.

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Absolutely, Viralpep is a versatile social media management platform for agencies, catering to the unique needs of both small boutique firms and large-scale enterprises. Its scalability ensures it's the perfect social media management solution for agencies of any size.