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Social Media Marketing – How to Write Meaningful and Clickable Content?

Jay Mehta

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Content marketing is a hot topic these days, and it is important for every business to know what it is and how to use it to its advantage. Combine that with a social media marketing strategy, and you have the ingredients for greater recognition and presence in the digital sphere and, ultimately, for increased financial success as you draw more customers.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of sharing content (blogs, videos, and social media posts) relevant to your services or products online. This is basically done to stimulate the interest of your target audience in your products or services and increase your virtual credibility, which gradually leads to conversion.

Hence, giving serious consideration to what you want to convey about your business and how you can best present it to your potential customers, is essential. Will your content be delivered only in text, or will there be photos and videos as well? Will you be telling a story or pitching the unique advantages of the services/products you are selling? Next, make sure that your content is clickable.

What is clickable content?

To ensure that potential customers click on your posted content, it must be of value to them and speak to them directly. Does your content start with a headline or a title that draws readers in? That is the very first element required to engage readers, as there is plenty of competition out there, and a reader’s first impression is critical.

This may sound too obvious, but content should be written in a simple, direct style, in the active voice. No overblown, flowery descriptions or “big words” are necessary, much less desirable. Keep the content straightforward, clear and concise, as that is the best way to speak to readers.

Don’t give everything away in the first couple of sentences. Make your content intriguing and insightful with enough information to give readers a thorough understanding of your business/services/products.

Use social media networks

Create your content with specific social media platforms in mind. The kind of content you post on Facebook will be different in style than what you post on LinkedIn or Twitter, of course, so be mindful of style (and length!) of your posts.

Social media content marketing is critical to attracting new business. Make sure your content is shareable, as research has found that the majority of clicks on any post typically come from friends and connections. Make it easy for followers to share your content.

Once you have determined what your content will be and how your brand and/or message are to be presented, then it is time to work on the best way to get your message out to your desired audience.

Consider using a social media content scheduling tool to manage and consistently post your content on the platforms you prefer. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way for you to get your message out in a timely, accurate manner, and it takes the burden off of your daily schedule. Search for the plans that best suit your needs and your budget, and you’re off to a great start!

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