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Let’s build brand trust using social media.

Jay Mehta

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Using social media to brace up the image of your brand through marketing on various social media platforms is one of the newest and best ways to gather audience virtually. Just the way our human relations cannot wander a long way without trust and confidence; the seller and buyers’ relationship cannot cover a long way without credibility. It takes significant efforts on the part of a brand to maintain trust in its customer by nurturing them satisfactory services. Social media is one of the easily accessible platforms to build a reliable image among your customers, but many brands fall apart at this. Let’s spill beans on some tried and tested ways to achieve the consumers’ trust.


Communication is the key. Like we do in our strategic relations: we interact with each other to maintain the trust and confidence element between the two, the same concept can be applied on brands.

A brand should be proactive on social media since the majority finds it convenient to discover and discuss the details of any product line with their friends on social media. A brand can manage its social media page and post all their offers in a visually appealing and persuasive way. This will help in injecting the trust element among prospective consumers as well as encourage customer loyalty from the existing clientele.

Quick and responsive customer care service

A brand can develop prompt and responsive customer care service through social media. This is one of the best things brands can do. It will merely involve managing a social media page exhibiting your offers and products and the opportunity for customers to avail the services through online order placements. Also, a brand should put some efforts in responding quickly to customers who have queries. This will generate a trust and care element between both, implying customers to realize that the brand cares for its customer satisfaction.


Social media helps brands to build their trusted image among consumers. Intimacy implies establishment of a connection between the consumers and your brand personality. This involves making your customers comfortable with your brand, making them realize that it is someone as a person tweeting and posting on social media in the name of your brand.

The paradigm of brand intimacy serves to keep the consumer base indulged in the brand. Have you seen how people share their box-opening or first glance experience of any product on social media? That’s because they have a connection with the brand and this is due to the established intimacy.

Admit your mistakes

To err is human and to correct is divine! The next time your brand is exposed on social media by an aggressive customer who had a bad experience with your product or service, instead of deleting his opinion, try catering him publicly with an apology and compensation if possible. This helps in developing trust in your viewers.

Valuable content

Using SEO friendly content, a brand can make its content visible to many. This will also help to bring constant engagement from the target audience as they will see the brand’s name again and again. It will make the brand’s social media tremendously more accessible and attract significant virtual visits.


V-logging is another way to build trust among your customers. As through V-logging, you can effectively assist your customers the right way to use your product. For instance, if your brand is selling a laptop, a v-log on YouTube will help your customers to know about all the detailed features of the relevant model before or after purchasing.

Building trust among your consumers and viewers is a big deal. Work on the above-mentioned points and see your credibility building game going significantly up. Social Media is actually a weapon, use it wisely!

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