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Why Businesses Prefer Facebook and Twitter for Brand Marketing

Jay Mehta

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Facebook and Twitter are at the top of the list of social platforms that businesses use to boost their brand marketing. Both have a huge user base and have enough versatility to reach a broad audience. Here are some of the reasons why smart businesses use these platforms:

Facebook and Twitter by the Numbers

Approximately 2.5 billion people use Facebook and Twitter. By using these platforms’ targeting metrics and numerous filters, businesses can key in on specific demographics/audiences, as well as generate new leads.

High Rate of Engagement

Engagement is the key to success in marketing a brand on social media. According to one study by Forrester, cited on a Sprout blog, for every 1 million followers on Twitter a brand can expect approximately 300 interactions; on Facebook, a brand can expect around 700 interactions for every 1 million followers. Once your business begins marketing on these platforms, management tools are available to help you reap the greatest benefit.

Manage Your Pages and Posts

What started as a social platform to connect people has expanded to become a preferred platform for marketing. To support this, Facebook offers many ways to manage your business pages (also with an easy-to-use app), including messages, notifications, insights and controlling who sees your page and who can make changes to your page. On Twitter you can set up an extra account for support and schedule tweets when it’s most advantageous, among other tools.

Post Video, Photos, Audio, Graphics

Reach out to your customers with images, audio, video, commercials, graphs or infographics on both Facebook and Twitter. There are a number of social media management plans to suit your business marketing campaigns using creative content.

To Sum Up

Using Facebook and Twitter to build your brand, engage customers and generate leads/followers is essential for today’s business owners. Investing in social media management tools is an easy and affordable way to take advantage of these platforms and get reports that will help you analyze customer behaviour. Start your free trial today.

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