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How to Go Global with Your Social Media Marketing

Jay Mehta

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If your company operates internationally, you need to know how to effectively reach a global market with your social media marketing. First, you must develop an international social media campaign and make sure you are posting content on the appropriate social media networks for the countries you desire to reach.

First of all, conduct a social media audience research to ensure you know whom your content is targeting and map out the most effective social media strategy to reach that audience. Keep in mind that you may need to have your content translated into another language or languages. Since there are many tools and services available for translation, consider which can best work for you.

Next, get insights into different social media platforms of respective countries whose population you wish to reach. It is important because the popularity of different social media platforms varies from country to country. You’d want to ensure that you are using the most effective one. Furthermore, keep yourself aware of the differences and the cultural nuances to avoid embarrassing – or disastrous – gaffes.

Global social media marketing

Your social media marketing will only be effective if you are addressing what is relevant to people in the countries you are targeting. Do your research to find out if the country uses social media that primarily seeks out content via videos, music, text or casual blogs. Understanding global vs. local social media is critical: Make sure your content addresses the needs of people in the specific country you are targeting, and be aware of events in the country that might affect your service (i.e, any recent economic situations or turmoil such as hurricanes, etc.) While some of your content may be broad and global in nature, much of your content should be specific to the local area.

Social media management

By periodically evaluating your social media presence, you can determine whether a specific social media platform still suits your business, whether it is the appropriate platform to deliver your content to your target audience in a given country, and whether it is meeting your need for brand engagement globally. It may be time to alter your preferences or priorities for certain social media platforms in favor of others. Your international content needs to be widely distributed over social media, depending on the appropriate social media platforms in the countries you wish to reach with your message.

Social media scheduling

Savvy business owners prefer to use a social media content scheduling tool to ensure their message gets out on a regular basis, published at the appropriate time and in the correct time zone of the targeted countries. Using such a tool frees business owners from managing the time to consistently and effectively post global content across social media platforms in the most consistent way. Shop around and compare pricing and plans of various social media scheduling options to find the best one for you. It’s the easiest way to effectively manage all of the social channels for your international content, and effectively achieve the global social media marketing you desire for your company.

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