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How to create a social media marketing plan from scratch

Jay Mehta

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In this modernized and technology-oriented world, social media is the only best platform to market your business for good gains. However, building a marketing plan on a social media platform may seem like a rock climbing on the highest mountain for a newbie hiker. Building up your marketing plan for social media from scratch may seem thrilling and overwhelming at the same time.
Here is how you can create a social media marketing plan from scratch for your business.

Opt for your social media platform

The quantity of platforms does not affect your marketing strategy; one can even work with a single social media platform. But what you must consider while selecting that perfect platform for your business is your target market. What is your target market? Aged population, rural community, men, women, kids or others. And choose the channel that best suits your business nature.

Let’s take the example of personal branding. Assuming you are a business coach, first of all, you need to understand your target audience and your personal branding goals. Along with this, you need to know the relevance of the platform, which you can understand by analyzing your competitors. In this way, you can opt for your targeted social media platform, which is beneficial for you.

The type of content you use

Consider your resources. This involves analyzing which resources you are going to incorporate.
If you are going to use quality content (SEO optimized content with informative and persuasive visuals), then Twitter and Facebook will do well for you. On the contrary, if you are going to incorporate images and videos to market your business, you can pull great traffic from Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Fill up your profile professionally

When building a marketing plan from scratch, filling your profile with relevant and authentic information about your business plays a crucial role in its marketing. This involves focusing on two aspects: text (bio) and visuals.


Ensure that your profile pictures and cover are fit to convey your brand story and its unique selling point! They must be relevant to your business, well, and good, if you put your logo as the profile and cover photo.
If you are managing numerous social media platforms, try making their profile photos similar to each other.


Show your audience your achievements
Be prompt in responding to questions from customers
Use simple language

Work on your marketing tone

Tone is a very significant element of your marketing campaign. Your tone compels your customers to dive into your brand. Its importance is perceived when you take up marketing through social media platforms like YouTube.
Try incorporating a tone of your customers’ desires. To develop a perfect tone consider the following questions:

What is your targeted audience?
If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would it have?
What is your brand to a customer? (A coach, friend, teacher, dad, etc.)
Opt for strong adjectives for the qualities your brand has
Are there any companies that have a similar personality to yours? Why are they related?
How do you want your customers to think about your company?

Posting strategy

Posting strategy focuses on two steps

Step 01: a suitable medium

Analyze the media you should incorporate in marketing your brand or business.
For instance, if your business includes selling cellphones, laptops, DSLRs, or something more similar to which not everyone is familiar from the technical aspect, you must use a video to market such a product. As the video will help you to explain its features in detail with visual effects.
Moreover, if your brand is selling clothes, pictures would be best to market such a product line.
Let us say, you are running a writing agency, and your service is content writing. Here, a quality content describing your services, in brief, would be a source of gaining great traffic.

Step 02: how often should you post? And when to post?

This depends upon the nature of your business. Whether it is seasonal or runs around the year. For instance, you are running a travel agency offering best vacation packages, the right time to market your business is during summer and winter vacations.
However, if your business is not seasonal, you can market it on a daily basis with a following average rate for best results.

  • Instagram Stories – Eight to 16 Stories, twice per week
  • Facebook – Once or twice per day
  • Twitter – Three to ten times per day
  • Instagram – Once or twice per day
  • Pinterest – Five to ten times per day
  • LinkedIn – Once or twice per day
  • Snapchat – Five to 20 times per week

Automate and engage

Last but not the least – automate your postings on distinct platforms by using a social media management tool and be prompt at engaging with your customers. Automating the content allows to schedule the posts at the hours when traffic is at its peak, giving you maximum reach. Viralpep is one of the most affordable tools that can help you save time and expand your reach with its varied features.

So, work on your social media marketing plan and get ready to take up the social media platforms by storm!

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