Social Media Video Specs: Video Upload Requirements on Social Media

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Video marketing is known to be one of the significant aspects of creating constant engagement and growth on social media. Marketers feel more optimistic about the ROI offered by video than ever, as it strongly influences traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding.

Implementing successful video marketing might seem like a task; however, it becomes a breeze when you ensure certain aspects are in order—a few of them being the specs, size, and dimension of your video content.

Just like every social media platform is recognized via a different video sharing name, for instance, Shorts on YouTube and Reels on Instagram. Similarly, they are followed by different sizes and dimensions to complement the quality of your uploaded videos.

But the concerning fact is, how do you determine social media video specs? This blog post will help you understand the exact size and dimension required for your video content to get the desired engagement through your social media marketing.

Different Social Media Video Sizes Requirements

1. Facebook Video Specs

Numerous types of videos can be posted on Facebook; however, each has a different dimension you must consider before broadcasting your video content.

Here are a few types of videos shared on Facebook.

  • Shared Video Posts

Shared videos are the most common videos on Facebook, which are reshared on the story by your mutual connections and brands. These videos can be auto-played in the news feed and have an orientation of either landscape or portrait.


  1. Video dimension – 1280*720 (landscape and square)
  2. Landscape ratio: 16:9
  3. Portrait ratio: 9:16, If the video has an attached link, then the ratio will be 16:9
  4. File size: Maximum of 4GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  5. Video length: Maximum of 4 hours
  6. The aspect ratio for mobile in both orientations is 2:3
  • 360° Videos

Back in 2015, Facebook rolled out 360° Videos in the news feed for publishers to record and upload a 360 degree view of their surroundings. These videos can also be panned and rotated from the user’s perspective so that they enjoy the view from multiple angles with no blind spots.


  1. Maximum dimension of monoscopic videos: 5120*2560, and the aspect ratio is 2:1
  2. Maximum dimension for stereoscopic videos: 5120*5120, and the aspect ratio is 1:1
  3. Maximum length: half an hour
  4. Maximum file size: 10 GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  5. Embedded 360 metadata in the video
  6. File type: MP4 container
  • Video Advertisements

Facebook Ads are an excellent marketing tactic if used the right way. With just a few ads, you can increase your reach without any geographical boundaries.

Moreover, Facebook has created diverse ad types offering a space for marketers to display their business objectives. Let’s understand the types of Facebook video ad specs.

  • Desktop News Feed Link Videos

These videos appear in the right corner of the user’s feed, sharing a landscape or square dimension. Desktop video ads are similar to shared videos and are generally played between organic ads. Now let’s look at the specifications of desktop news feed link videos.


  1. Dimension: 1280*720 pixels
  2. Format: .MOV or .MP4 file
  3. The ratio for the landscape aspect: 16:9
  4. The ratio for the square aspect: 1:1
  5. Maximum playing duration: 4 hours
  6. Maximum size: 4GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  • Carousel Video Ads

Carousel video ads are a format for video ads that includes multiple images or videos in a single advertisement.


  1. Dimension for landscape and square: 1080*1080
  2. Square aspect ratio: 1:1
  3. Maximum size: 4 GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  4. File type: .MP4 and .MOV
  5. Maximum length: 4 hours
  6. Maximum carousels: 2 to 10 (Viralpep supports only a single video file)
  • Collection Video Ads for Mobile

This ad type is an ideal alternative for marketing products such as apparel, as its structure allows it to feature 3 product images altogether, giving an immersive viewing experience to users.


  1. Dimension for landscape and square: 1080*1080
  2. The aspect ratio for landscape: 16:9
  3. The aspect ratio for the square: 1:1
  4. Maximum file size: 4 GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  5. Maximum length: 2 hours
  • Canvas Video Ads

Canvas ads are full-screen interactive ads, advertised to give life to brands and products on mobile. One of the outstanding features of this ad type is that it has no text or character limit.


  1. Dimension for square and landscape: 120*628
  2. The aspect ratio for landscape: 16:9
  3. The aspect ratio for square: 1:1
  4. Maximum file size: 4 GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  5. Maximum length: 2 hours
  • Slideshow Video Ads

It is a motion video created with catchy beats and text to describe a story across devices. Slideshow video ads tend to load fast and play effortlessly on every internet connection.


  1. Dimension for landscape and square: 1200*720
  2. The aspect ratio for landscape: 16:9
  3. The aspect ratio for the square: 1:1
  4. Maximum duration: 15 seconds

2. Instagram Video Specs

Instagram, one of the most preferred interactive platforms, ranked 4th globally, with more than 1.386 billion users, has undoubtedly come a long way, especially after the advent of the ‘Reels’ feature.

In fact, according to the statistics, 91% of active users watch Instagram videos every week, hence making Instagram videos a sure shot way to boost your brand’s identity.

Since you know why Instagram is an exciting and fun alternative to keep your target audience glued to your brand, let’s comprehend the specifications for uploading video content on the platform.

  • Instagram Videos

The Instagram video refers to a big umbrella of many features, including Instagram feed, combining IGTV, stories, Instagram live, and Instagram ads.

On top of that, in 2015, Instagram upgraded its video format to three other orientations: landscape, portrait, and vertical, making it a perfect platform for sharing varied video content of any size.


  1. Maximum video dimensions: 1920*1080p, 1080*1350p, 1080*1080p
  2. The aspect ratio of landscape: 1:9:1
  3. The aspect ratio of the portrait: 1:1
  4. The aspect ratio of vertical: 4:5 or 9:16
  5. Maximum file size: 4GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)
  6. Length: 15 seconds to 10 minutes. For selected accounts, the duration can go upto 60 minutes.
  • Carousel Video Ads

Carousel video ads display multiple content elements in a video. To simplify, Instagram allows users to add videos to your carousel advert units. For a richer storytelling experience, the platform allows users to add upto five pieces of content, both video, and photos.


  1. Maximum video dimensions: 1080*1080
  2. Aspect ratio: 1:1
  3. Maximum length: 60 seconds
  4. File type: .MP4 and .MOV
  5. Maximum carousels: 2 to 10 (Viralpep supports only a single video file)

3. Twitter Video Specs

Twitter, an online microblogging and social networking platform with more than 238 million daily active users around the globe, indicates that marketers could reach a broader range of audiences by ensuring consistency and living up with the trends.

  • Twitter In-Feed Videos

Twitter In-Feed Videos provide ease in sharing organic video content in both landscape and portrait orientation—the only accessible formats for uploading video content straight to the platform.

Moreover, the below-mentioned specs can be used for organic as well as paid advertisements, but do remember that the dimensions will convert as the bitmap shifts.


  1. Dimensions for landscape: 1280*720
  2. Dimensions for the portrait: 720*1280
  3. Dimensions for square: 720*720
  4. The aspect ratio for landscape and portrait: 16:9
  5. The aspect ratio for square: 1:1
  6. Maximum length: 140 seconds
  7. File type: .MP4 (for web) and .MOV (for mobile)
  8. Maximum size of the file: 512MB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)

4. LinkedIn Video Specs

LinkedIn is the largest professional network that helps you connect and strengthen your relationships with like-minded individuals. You can depict your professional story, share your experience, showcase your skills, and educate people through LinkedIn shared videos.

  • LinkedIn Shared Videos

LinkedIn shared videos enable you to upload subjective information only through a shared video. One significant aspect of uploading a video on this platform is that it gives you a choice to attach YouTube links and LinkedIn Pulse articles in the shared video content.


  1. Maximum dimensions: 4096*2304
  2. The aspect ratio: 1:2:4 or 2:4:1
  3. Maximum length: 10 minutes
  4. Type of file: .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG-4, .MKV and .WebM (Viralpep only supports .MP4 and .MOV formats)
  5. Maximum size: 5GB (Viralpep supports 50 MB)

So, this was all about the numerous dimensions and sizes of social media video ads. Moving forward, we will explain to you what platforms and activities Viralpep supports.

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