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5 Essential Features to Look Out for in Your Social Media Software

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In order to derive the maximum benefits from using social media, the social media manager, who typically wears many hats and juggles various roles – campaign manager, marketer, customer service representative – is under a lot of pressure. It must be every social media manager’s wish to have an assistant to get them through the day without so much stress. Well, what if there is such an assistant?

Social media software is the missing piece in your workload. Its automated functions will help you execute your work more effectively, save you time, and let you manage your social media accounts with ease.

Social Media Software

Social media software streamlines the process of managing the social media channels and makes brand marketing easier. It boosts team collaboration, which makes it a valuable tool for large organisations with complex structures.

It’s no surprise that social media software – also known as social media marketing software and social media management software – is extremely popular among businesses that do their marketing on social media platforms. Successful businesses know the best practice in selecting social media software: First, asking what is the purpose for buying the software, and second, asking if the software will suit your needs.

Overall, however, there are certain key features you should consider when buying a social media tool for your small or large business.

5 Essential Features

1. Social Platform Integration

Keeping up with all the social accounts across different platforms is a big challenge. That’s why it’s important to have the feature that integrates different social platforms and allows you to manage all of them from one place.

Viralpep offers a dashboard that integrates your social profiles from popular platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. This allows you to manage your social media presence across major platforms from one place.

2. Content Scheduling

It is important to design and curate your social media posts beforehand and to publish it at peak hours when traffic is highest. Since it is not always possible to manually publish the content during those peak hours, one of the must-have features of your social media software is scheduling. It allows you to publish the post when your audience is most likely to see it (without having to post manually).

Viralpep allows you to easily schedule your posts on all the major platforms.

3. Team Collaboration

Bringing your entire team on the same page is of also of utmost importance. No social media manager works alone, and to avoid complications, your social media software must have the option of team collaboration.

Using Viralpep, you can smoothly and efficiently manage your social media team. Assign accounts to each team member so that they understand and are clear about their responsibilities. This boosts efficiency and eliminates confusion.

4. Mobile Optimisation

Mobile devices are handy and much more accessible than a laptop when you work on-the-go. Also, it isn’t always necessary to carry a laptop when you are traveling. Considering this, it is an added advantage to have a social media software that supports your mobile device.

Viralpep works equally seamlessly with mobile devices and computers. And, you can stay updated with your social media activities even when you are not working.

5. Tool Integration

Your social media software should not only be your scheduling or posting tool, it should also offer a combination of features that makes it perfect for all of your social media needs.

Viralpep offers features that work seamlessly together, and thus makes it your one-stop solution. You can shorten your URL, schedule your content, keep a check on your social posts and do much more with Viralpep.


Don’t limit yourself to creating and posting content separately on each social media channel, when you can invest your time and efforts more efficiently. Switch to the best social media monitoring tool — Viralpep- to market, manage and multiply your business online.

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Viralpep's Revamped Features & Look!