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Instant Social Media Posting Tool

Viralpep's Instant Sharing

Effortlessly share your content across various social media platforms for maximum impact.

How Viralpep's Instant Sharing Will Benefit You?

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Knowledge Corner

Which platforms are supported by the "Instant Sharing" feature?

You can instantly share to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Can I schedule posts using the "Instant Sharing" feature?

While “Instant Sharing” is designed for immediate posting, Viralpep does offer separate scheduling capabilities for advanced planning.

Is there a limit to how much content I can share using "Instant Sharing"?

The limit usually depends on the respective platform’s guidelines. However, Viralpep ensures optimal integration with each platform.

Can I collaborate with my team using the "Instant Sharing" feature?

Absolutely! Viralpep promotes team collaboration. You can work with team members on content before using the “Instant Sharing” feature.

How does "Instant Sharing" handle different media types?

Viralpep’s “Instant Sharing” is designed to handle various media types, from images to videos, ensuring smooth posting across platforms.

How can I access analytics for content shared via "Instant Sharing"?

Viralpep offers comprehensive analytics features. You can track and analyze the performance of your content shared through within the dashboard.

Is there any additional cost for using the "Instant Sharing" feature?

The “Instant Sharing” feature is integrated into Viralpep’s plans. You can check the pricing details on our website or contact support for more information.

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