About Viralpep:

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Viralpep is a social media management tool used by marketing personnel as well as small businesses and enterprises. Our platform enables you to publish, schedule, analyze the content, and even measure the ROI easily across all social media channels using a single dashboard.
You can log in using your existing Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account or sign up on Viralpep and create a new account.
No, you can not create your account on Viralpep using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


We offer four plans:
  • Professional - This plan allows you to schedule and publishes your content in up to 10 social profiles, pages, or groups.
  • Business - In this plan, you can add up to 50 social profiles to your Viralpep profile. You can customize settings, schedule content, get training and 24*7 support from our team. You can also add 10 team members.
  • Enterprise - This plan allows you to add up to 100 social profiles to your Viralpep profile. Allowing you to customize settings, schedule content, get training, and 24*7 support from our team. You can also add up to 25 team members.

Note:We offer 15 days free trial version on the last three plans. Further information is mentioned at https://www.viralpep.com/plans

Once the trial version of your account expires, your account will be locked and, All the future dated scheduled posts will be removed. User can subscribe to any plan to resume the services.
Two plans out of four comprehensive plans include team management: A business plan and an Enterprise plan. The team management feature allows you to add your team members to your Viralpep account and alleviate the burden off your shoulder. This will enable them to manage the social profiles on your behalf to which you have granted them access.


You can pay us using credit cards and Paypal.
In the case of the PlugnPlay payment gateway, we are storing your card details in an encrypted way, and in that case, only the last four digits of your cards are visible.
You can easily upgrade or downgrade your current plan according to your requirement and choices. There is no restriction.
We offer two billing cycles: Monthly, i.e., for 30 days, and Annually, for 365 days. You can either choose to pay monthly or go for the annual package according to your requirements.
We do not store any payment information on Viralpep. Recurring payments will be made automatically, but you can modify your payment actions through PlugnPlay or PayPal at any point.


The team management feature allows you to add the team members or subordinates in your Viralpep account with the required authority. This feature is handy when you are managing a lot of social media profiles. You can allot different profiles to different team members and alleviate the burden. It eliminates the repetition of work and streamlines the process. You can also customize the responsibilities of each subordinate.
Viralpep is an efficient tool for content scheduling. Firstly, select the social profiles on which you want to publish your post. Once you upload the content, you will be provided with the option of publishing or scheduling, select scheduling. You will then be asked the time and date for updating the post on your profile. Set the time, and you are done. It will be uploaded at the scheduled time and date. It is as easy as it sounds.
We currently support four social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We are planning to expand our reach to Pinterest as well soon.
We allow our users to upload bulk images in one go. You do not have to go through the exhausting task of selecting an image over and again to post it on social profiles.
The team management feature, which is available in our Business and Enterprise plans, allows you to give admin rights to your team member. You can easily add your team members to your Business or Enterprise account and grant either sub-account or admin access to them, by which they can manage your account on your behalf. Even then, the authority to edit the access permission remains with you.
Yes, our website is compatible with all mobile devices. So even if you are planning to travel anywhere, log in with your mobile device and don’t miss out on the work.
Yes, you can download the subscription package invoice in a pdf format.
Yes, Viralpep allows you to change the timezone of a specific post you want to schedule. You can change the timezone: Go to ‘Create Post’ page, a schedule pop-up will open. In it, select the edit option. You will be then asked to enter the city for the timezone. Enter the favorable option and it's done.


Your account availability entirely depends on your subscription. If your subscription is active, you can use all the available benefits as per your plan. Once your subscription is inactive, Viralpep will provide seven days as a buffer. Once your buffer time is over, your account will be locked and to resume the services you need to subscribe to any plan.
In case your current plan is expired, and you failed to renew it. Viralpep will provide you seven days as buffer. After the buffer time, your account will be locked and to resume the services you need to re-subscribe any plan.
We usually provide discounts or promo codes only on special occasions or festivals. You can always contact us for the same to know about our special offers for activating your plan.
You can delete your account on your own. To understand the process, you can check Delete Account and follow the steps.
We recommend checking the notes mentioned in the link before deleting your account.
No, we do not provide any refund facility. Although, you can always try 15 days free trial version available on each plan to understand if the plan matches your suitability or not, and then decide on purchasing the same.
Yes, you can easily change or set the password for your Viralpep account even if you have signed up using any social media account on Viralpep.
Yes, you can delete the social account and add the same again whenever you want. There is no such limitation on your Viralpep account. The only time when you won’t be able to add your account is when you reach the maximum limit of social profiles of your plan.

First, you have to make sure that you have chosen either one of the two plans, i.e., Business or Enterprise, because only these two plans support team management features.

You can easily create the account for your team members from the manage panel available on the ‘Manage Team’ module. This will allow you to create and manage your team member’s accounts.

When you set up your Viralpep account, the software automatically detects the timezone of your system and sets it as default. If you want to change your timezone, you can do it easily by following the mentioned steps - just go to your Viralpep profile, click on the timezone setting panel and select the timezone you want to.
It is important to update your social media accounts with the latest details. But if the social media accounts in which you made changes are linked to your Viralpep account, then it is necessary for you to re-authenticate those social profiles on the Viralpep account.


Once you logged in to your account, you can find one menu called "Ticket" on the right-hand side. Through that link, you can submit any of your queries/issues directly to us. We always try to better ourselves, and if you have any suggestions or issues, you can always write to us at support@viralpep.com. We will try our best to solve your query as fast as possible.
You can contact us by writing to us on our email id support@viralpep.com. We provide 24x7 customer support and quick response to our clients. The phone service is currently unavailable, and we are working on it.
You are provided with the token for your social account, which allows you to publish your content on your social profile. If the access token of your social account expires, you are requested to re-authenticate the token of the account to be able to post the content on it.
The content scheduled or published by your team member will remain in your account even if you have deleted the account of one of your team members. Deleting your team member’s account will not have any effect on your scheduled or published content.
Even if you add your team members in your Viralpep account, the ultimate authority of the account remains with you. Whenever your team member schedules or publishes any post on any social profile, the request for approval of the posts will be directed to you. Only if you approve the post, it will be published and if you disapprove the same will be not be posted. You can customize the permission to be granted to each of your team member just the way you want.
Yes, you will receive a notification for every scheduled post that has been published. We make sure you stay updated with the activities of your social media profile by notifying you through email.
Viralpep offers you to publish and schedule the content across all your social channels. But it doesn’t allow you to delete the posts that were previously posted on your social profiles. You have to do it manually.
We offer 15-days trial period to each user. But, if you are still confused regarding the plan, you can contact us via email and share your concerns for extension of the trial period.