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Convert Your Instagram Account Into A Business Account

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that Viralpep supports. What kind of Instagram account do you have? Whether it is a personal account or a creator account, you can always access the settings and turn it into a business account.

However, we would suggest a series of ideal steps while linking your Instagram account with Viralpep. In rare cases, you might even have to reconvert to a business account. We will discuss the same below.

It is mandatory to integrate a Facebook account with an Instagram business account. You can convert your creator or personal Instagram account into a business account using the Instagram app. Still, we recommend that you do it through Facebook to achieve the best results.

Convert your non-business Instagram account to a business accounting account using Facebook.

Facebook setting page
Connect to Instagram page
Instagram Account
Connect Instagram Account into the Facebook business account

Convert to an Instagram business account using a mobile app.

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Viralpep's Revamped Features & Look!