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7 Essential Social Media Features To Explore

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As Social Media Marketers, you have been continuously on a journey to discover new engagement methods where loyal followers become a necessity for your business. Clinging to a safe game might not yield results. You have to keep aside your conventional platform and switch to a trendy, more reliable, and highly robust social media management tool to achieve your business goals.

Hootsuite is a common name within social media circles. Hootsuite is an established name and has received its fame and popularity due to the features it has offered over time. This world does not thrive on monopoly but on the competition.

An inclination towards a specific tool can be a personal choice, but before deciding upon any Hootsuite alternative social media platform, let us have an overview of the 7 Essential Social Media Features To Explore. You must ensure before buying that your SM tool has these features.

Understanding Social Media Tools

Before we dive into the advantages, it is essential to understand what goes behind making a Social Media Management platform. What essential and critical features must you consider before choosing one?

Social Media Influencers consider a social media management platform a secured environment. Besides being capable of scaling itself, it goes into the core of your business. A social media tool is your smart joystick to manage multiple social media accounts across different organizational sections and departments.

Social Media experts use this powerful tool to post content, track the received responses, and monitor the progress. Experts use this platform to offer the best of services to their customers to generate leads. If these leads are served well, there is no looking back for opportunities, and your business will certainly grow in the coming years.

7 Important Features to Consider:

1. Ease of managing Social Engagement

A direct channel for the customers to voice their concerns and issues. The brands can hear them loud and clear.

2. Ease of managing multiple Social Profiles

The best feature lets you switch between multiple social pages/profiles without signing in and out each time. The companies that you work for might have multiple pages for various purposes. This feature within your social media platform will come in handy.

3. Ease of managing your customers

Your customer is into serious business, so don’t consider him part of a common crowd. Each customer is special and expects to be treated well. Your Social Media tool must have a built-in CRM-like feature that saves your customers’ communications, highlights important pointers, and checkmarks specific notes. This feature is the roadmap to a successful sales closure for your peers and team.

4. Be accountable with Social media

Social Media is a tool with latent fire within; use it with caution. Using social media tools adds layers of security to allow only the most reliable team members to send out the content. Amateurs within the team get no opportunity to outsmart the company.

5. Eye your Keywords carefully

Keywords hold a very substantial position in this Social Media Universe. They speak out customers’ minds. Use your social media tools to manage your keywords; these small phrases tell the mystery and history of your products. Create a collection of catchy, unique, and industry-specific keywords. Social Media experts are expected to perform competitor keyword analysis before deciding on the keywords for their products.

6. Create a Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar can be a wonderful strategy for planning and scheduling posts. Calendars help you balance your posts if you have volumes to schedule. This feature within your social media platform helps you plan your posts. You can target your posts such that you don’t miss blind spots. Plan your posts from a user perspective.

7. Team Management features
  • Setting up your Team Members’ AccountFor any growing startup planning to build a strong brand, safeguarding its reputation is critical. Hence, we have developed a platform that allows the administrator to grant access to his team without sharing passwords.Invite your team members to the platform and easily set up their accounts. As an admin, you can add up to 20 team members simultaneously. The system ensures that the team operates systematically and diligently, safeguarding the brand’s reputation.
  • Permit as much as necessary:While you must hold admin rights, you can apply limited access to your social media accounts. You can allow access to the profiles based on the requirements and tasks performed by the team members belonging to that profile. You can delete and prevent faulty posts from being uploaded to your social media accounts.
  • Staying up-to-date is the Key.To keep the audience engaged with the latest content and developments, your marketing team has been working hard on scheduling the right posts across social media channels. Their efforts will grow more consistent if they can access the past posts. This will help them plan their next series of posts enabling them to identify which channel generates the maximum engagement and sales

Final Words

The most effective Hootsuite alternative is the one that considers your requirements in the way you want. Price is an important criterion but not always. Therefore, consider your assigned budget viz-a-viz the features you need. Now decide if your needs will evolve with the tool of your choice. Try signing up with a robust tool that understands your needs, gives you flexibility, and incorporates future developments rather than migrating to new tools every few years.

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